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Our Wellness Services

At Vivant Medical, we handpicked these services to provide you a well-rounded wellness and aesthetic experience. You can find anything from weight loss to IV nutrition. Within the details, you will find why our providers are passionate about each of our tailored services. 

Wellness Evaluations at Vivant

Wellness Evaluations

At Vivant Medical, we offer one-on-one medical consultations with our experienced providers. Depending on your needs, this may include a comprehensive health assessment and medical history review, a detailed lifestyle assessment and recommendations to help meet your goals.

Physician Guided Weight Loss

At Vivant Medical, our providers are here to guide you through a healthy and effective weight loss journey. We customize plans that are tailored to your lifestyle so you can continue living your life while making gradually making healthy changes. 

Physician Guided Weight Loss at Vivant
Smoking Cessation at Vivant Medical

Smoking Cessation

Make today your Quit day and learn about the benefits for your health and body to kick the habit.

Nutritional IV Therapy

At Vivant Medical, we have tailored IV therapy solutions with a combination of quality vitamins to satisfy your body's needs. You will find a variety of solutions that can fit your lifestyle and goals.

Nutritional IV therapy at Vivant Medical
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