Women's Health

Wellness Evaluations for Women

Wellness Evaluations for Women

At Vivant Medical, we offer one-on-one medical consultations with our experienced provider. We focus on many facets of Women's health such as libido, energy, weight loss, menopause, hormone imbalance, infertility issues, etc. Healthy and beautiful inside and out!

We do this through targeted research into your body's metabolism, hormones and genetic make-up (DNA changes as we are exposed to environmental elements) that may cause multiple underlying complexities or diagnoses, by using the most advanced, results driven testing available. Results are amazing and defining in many patients we have seen.

We include a comprehensive health assessment and medical history review, a detailed lifestyle assessment and recommendations to help meet or exceed your goals. We want you to feel safe discussing your goals and health concerns with our staff and to assure your experience is very comfortable.

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